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We use various tools to implement the logic for a Configure Price Quote Solution. Everything is normally based on your product portfolio and your existing price lists.

CPQ or Configure Price Quote Software is designed to help your sales representatives produce complex, accurate and highly configured product offerings. By implementing a CPQ solution all complex product logic, pricing and business rules can be centralized, automated and available in real-time. This gives the sales reps the support they need when they need it.

This enables all sales channels to sell more, sell bigger and sell anywhere. CPQ improves sales effectiveness by giving the company the ability to create the best quotes possible.

CPQ gives the sales teams an easy access to the latest approved pricing and discounting rules, and approvals — when necessary — so that sales can move swiftly along without holding up any deal.

CPQ is not only about increasing your sales reps more efficient, it’s also a way to improve the quality of a global multi-channel sales strategy. CPQ gives the tools necessary to unify your product offer spanning both partners, re-sellers and customers. It also gives the ability to analyse customer preferences based on high-level guided selling questions which gives executives the tools to course-correct when needed.

CPQ is set up with role-based access with personalized discount locks, dedicated customer pricelists and agreements and simple ways of handling net costs such as shipping fees. It also allows you to manage engineer to order offerings giving you full visibility into product portfolio effectiveness.

CPQ Tactics

CPQ identifies the the optimal selection of products and services for your customer. CPQ gives a ready-to-go process is manage errors and inconsistencies (with each rep providing a different solution) in a transparent, collaborative and automated way. With CPQ your sales reps can present the ideal product configuration to every potential customer.