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Publicly available CPQ examples

Posted On Saturday, February 2, 2019

Configurators built using CPQ software :

Aritco (Animech Technologies)
Bennington Marine (Verenia)
B├╝rkert (Tacton)
Demag (Camos)
Ebara (Intelliquip)
Festo (Camos)
Grundfos (Configit)
John Deere (FPX in the old version, Configit in the new version)
Maxon motor (Camos)
Mercedes-Benz Trucks (CAS Software / SAP)
Piab (Tacton)
Scania (Tacton)
Tuff Shed (KBmax)

Demos by vendors:

8-queens problem (Configit)
Bike/Lawn Mower/Etc (e-Con Solutions)
Cabinet Configurator (Configure1st)
Hi-tech, SaaS and IT/Managed Services (CallidusCloud CPQ)
Scissor lift/Cupboard/Etc (DriveWorks)
Sudoku (Tacton)

Notable configurators built in-house:

DAF Trucks
International Trucks
MAN Trucks
Montech AG
Renault Trucks
Siemens AG

Other configurators may be found in the configurator database, however most of them are very simple B2C (Business to Consumer) products.
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