Our process

Our approach to CPQ is fast and pragmatic. We typically run one or two introduction meetings and then we get down to business. This is the typical milestones in our latest projects.

  • Book a CPQ introduction (just below)
  • Run a CPQ analysis workshop, 1-2 weeks
  • Start the project! We'll give you a fixed price after the analysis workshop.
  • Go live within 3-4 months

Schedule a meeting

The first meeting

Brief Introduction cpq.se / your company

  • What are the business challenges you are trying to solve? [accelerate sales / decrease errors / automate CAD]
  • What is prompting you to address this issue right now?
  • Have you tried to solve this problem in the past? Do you have an old configurator(s)?
  • Is there a timeline for a project?
  • Through which channels do you sell today, and through which channels do you plan to sell in the future? (direct sales, partners, agents, ecommerce?)
  • What ERP/CRM/CAD systems do you use?
  • Is CAD automation important for success?

Typical challenges in your type of industry (cpq.se)

Results in Tacton-projects (cpq.se)

Demo Tacton (cpq.se)

License and project costs (cpq.se)

Our methodology and next steps


Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions can deliver considerable improvements to your business in areas such as efficiency, predictability and conformityImplementing CPQ involves multiple departments, and to unleash the benefits of a CPQ implementation you need more than just great software.

We have been running workshops on CPQ since the 2001 and we know how to prioritize to quickly get started. We will guide you where to start, what to prioritize and what to leave for another day.

The information density of a CPQ-project is often overwhelming. We know this is likely not your first try to implement some kind of CPQ-tool and we know prioritization is one of the key factors for a successful implementation.

We run our projects two times a year, we typically start in January or September. Four month later we have something up and running in a SaaS CPQ environment, ready to use. This is our promise.

Before we get started, we will make sure you’re ready to get moving. We will help you define product scope, adequate pricing info, and the text pieces that go into the quotation.

Next step: CPQ Analysis Workshop

Join our CPQ Analysis Workshop designed specifically for manufacturing companies looking to improve their sales strategies through advanced quoting and pricing systems. This comprehensive workshop will delve into the essentials of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) technology, emphasizing its integration into your current sales processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Throughout the interactive sessions, experienced CPQ consultants will guide you through both foundational and practical aspects of CPQ systems tailored to the manufacturing sector. You’ll explore key topics such as product configurations, pricing strategies, and the optimization of quoting processes using advanced CPQ software. The aim is to demonstrate the tangible benefits of CPQ systems, such as accelerated quote generation, increased accuracy, and enhanced responsiveness to market shifts and customer demands.

This workshop is conducted online in five focused sessions, each lasting 3 to 4 hours, ensuring accessibility and convenience. You'll engage in hands-on activities, discuss real-life scenarios, and develop potential implementation strategies. By the end, you’ll have a clear project plan for CPQ implementation, a detailed roadmap for future adaptation, and practical experience applying CPQ tools to your data.

Whether you’re exploring CPQ solutions or seeking to refine an existing system, this workshop is an invaluable opportunity to transform your sales processes and gain a competitive edge in the manufacturing industry.