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How we run a CPQ project

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions can deliver considerable improvements to your business in areas such as efficiency, predictability and conformity

Implementing CPQ involves multiple departments, and to unleash the benefits of a CPQ implementation you need more than just great software.

We have been running workshops on CPQ since the 2001 and we know how to prioritize to quickly get started. We will guide you where to start, what to prioritize and what to leave for another day.

The information density of a CPQ-project is often overwhelming. We know this is likely not your first try to implement some kind of CPQ-tool and we know prioritization is one of the key factors for a successful implementation.

We run our projects two times a year, we start in January or September. Four month later we have something up and running in a SaaS CPQ environment, ready to use. This is our promise.

Before we get started, we will make sure you’re ready to get moving. We will help you define product scope, adequate pricing info, and the text pieces that go into the quotation.

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