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Mobile CPQ


Mobile CPQ enables your customers to tailor the product offering to their own liking. This can be done any time of the day, any day of the year and on any connected device.

With Mobile CPQ - the mobile interface - you can be live with customer facing online CPQ within 24 hours.

  • All SaaS
  • Monthly cost, scaling with your needs
  • Live next week

The online configurator normally includes a subset of questions found the existing sales configurator. All additional meta data needed for the online tool is easily integrated into the existing sales configurators. We supply you with the technology, services and methodology to be live with an online configurator using the full power of Tacton CPQ.

With Mobile CPQ customers can get an updated and interactive product info, accurate price, and even a tailored quote document - all this within minutes. Your customers will explore the product offering in a fast, accurate and simple way. No downloads are required and using the powerful features of Tacton CPQ the online offering can be tailored per market if needs be.

Small – up to 5000 configuration per year, includes all necessary Tacton CPQ licenses

Medium – up to 10000 configurations per year, includes all necessary Tacton CPQ licenses

Large – unlimited usage of the mobile interface, request quote for Tacton CPQ licenses

Mobile CPQ will be generally available in March 2023. To be part of our pilot program or just get more info, please book a meeting below.


mobile cpq 2




Key features
  • All you need to get started tomorrow

  • Includes all necessary Tacton CPQ licenses
  • Standard styling templates
  • 5 000 configurations / year
  • Price for existing Tacton CPQ customers



Key features
  • All you need to get started next week

  • Includes all necessary Tacton CPQ licenses
  • Tailored styling templates for branding
  • 10 000 configurations / year
  • Price for existing Tacton CPQ customers



Key features
  • All you need to get started next month

  • Tailored styling templates for branding
  • Co-development for tailored features, 100 hours of services per year

  • Tacton CPQ licenses quoted separately

About is an official Tacton CPQ partner and our experienced consultants will help you go online with Tacton CPQ at breakneck speed. We’ll set you up with the required licenses and we’ll help you set up Tacton CPQ as an online sales or marketing machine.

If you are not yet a customer of Tacton CPQ we can provide training, coaching and consulting to help you go live within months. Tell us your deadline and we’ll lay out the project plan. Read more on how to get stated here.

See for yourself

Experience Our CPQ - Interactive Demo

Embark on a Journey of Sales Excellence with Our Interactive CPQ Demo

The ability to quickly and accurately configure, price, and quote products is crucial. At, we understand this need and invite you to experience a state-of-the-art CPQ system through an interactive, hands-on demo. Our demo isn't just a glimpse into our software; it's a comprehensive journey through the capabilities and benefits that our CPQ solution can bring to your business.

Why Experience Our CPQ Demo?

Our interactive demo is designed to showcase the power and simplicity of our CPQ solution. You'll witness firsthand how our system simplifies complex configurations, ensures error-free pricing, and accelerates the quoting process. This experience is crucial for understanding how our CPQ can integrate into your sales strategy, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Uploading Your .tcx Model

To start, you'll upload a .tcx file - the Tacton configuration model. If you have no clue what a .tcx model is, step over to this page (link) and book an introduction instead.

Seeing your own data is pivotal in tailoring the demo experience to your specific business context. Please ensure your model is free from sensitive data, as it will be hosted on our public demo server. This process is designed to be straightforward and secure, ensuring a hassle-free start to your demo experience. Make sure to include a feature for price (yeah, yeah - we know this is wrong... and it should be dummy prices for now) and we'll use that to populate the price list.

  • Maximum size: 1 Mb

  • Maximum no of groups (including subgroups): 10

  • Maxiumum no of questions: 100

  • Maximum menu alternatives: 10 (per question)

A Tailored Experience

Once your model is uploaded, our automated CPQ system will spring into action. You'll see how it handles product configurations, manages complex pricing rules, and generates accurate quotes with remarkable speed. This experience is more than just an observation; it's a hands-on journey through the functionality of our CPQ, giving you a real sense of how it will perform in real-world scenarios.

Throughout the demo, our CPQ experts are available to provide insights and answer any questions. This interaction is invaluable for understanding the nuances of our CPQ solution and how it can be customized to fit your specific business needs. Once we're done with the demo you'll get the link to try it out yourself.