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Your CPQ Isn't Living Up to Its Potential Without DynaMaker

"Think your CPQ system is fully optimized? Think again."

This provocative statement challenges a common assumption among many B2B manufacturers that their current Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) systems are as efficient as they can be. Yet, without integrating advanced tools like DynaMaker, many are likely only scratching the surface of what modern CPQ solutions can achieve.

This post explores how DynaMaker revolutionizes CPQ systems by enhancing visual product customization and streamlining the sales process, thereby transforming user engagement and sales efficiency.

The Untapped Potential of CPQ Systems Enhanced by DynaMaker

Many companies deploy CPQ systems to standardize sales processes and ensure error-free quoting but often overlook the power of integrating sophisticated visual configuration tools. DynaMaker steps into this gap with its robust and dynamic online CAD capabilities tailored for mass customization.

Here's how working with DynaMaker brings new dimensions to your CPQ system:

Enhanced Visual Product Configuration

DynaMaker's sophisticated visual configuration capabilities enable sales teams to present customers with interactive, 3D visualizations of their customized products. This feature is crucial for companies our freinds at a folding-door manufacturer, where precise visual representation helps customers make informed decisions about aesthetic and functional options.

The interactive visualization not only improves customer understanding and satisfaction but also significantly reduces errors and the need for subsequent revisions. Importantly, these dynamic CAD drawings adapt in real-time as the configured product evolves, always reflecting the most current data specified in the CPQ system. This seamless update process ensures that what customers see is always up-to-date, enhancing both trust and conversion rates.

Continuous Product Enhancement

DynaMaker's dedication to ongoing product development is evident in its rapid response to new customer requirements. The platform's adaptability was showcased in a project with Swift, where system updates were seamlessly integrated to meet emerging customer needs.

This dynamic capability ensures that the CPQ system remains cutting-edge, readily adapting to market trends and specific client demands. Additionally, the dynamic nature of the CAD drawings within DynaMaker means that as products evolve and new features are added, there is no need for manual updates to the drawings—they automatically adjust to reflect the latest configurations dictated by the CPQ system.

Empowering Users with Comprehensive Support

DynaMaker provides a robust, well-documented solution that empowers users to fully leverage the capabilities of their CPQ systems. Through extensive training materials and practical examples, DynaMaker supports a self-service approach, enabling users to operate independently with minimal need for ongoing technical support. This empowerment reduces the total cost of ownership and increases operational efficiency.

The support framework is designed to assist users of all technical levels, ensuring that they can effectively utilize the system regardless of their expertise. The dynamic updating of CAD drawings further enhances user confidence, as the visual outputs remain accurate and aligned with the latest product specifications without requiring manual intervention.


Integrating DynaMaker with your Tacton CPQ system doesn't just add a visual configuration tool; it transforms your CPQ into a more dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly platform. This integration enhances every aspect of the sales process, from initial customer engagement to final product delivery, ensuring that your CPQ system is not just functional but fully optimized. As businesses continue to seek ways to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, turning to solutions like DynaMaker is not just an option—it's becoming a necessity.


FAQ: Working with DynaMaker in a Tacton CPQ Project

1. What is DynaMaker and how does it enhance Tacton CPQ systems? DynaMaker is a cloud-based software that offers advanced visual configuration tools, enabling interactive 3D visualizations of configured products within Tacton CPQ systems. This integration enhances user experience by simplifying complex configurations and improving accuracy in the quoting process.

2. What benefits can we expect from integrating DynaMaker with our Tacton CPQ system? Integrating DynaMaker brings enhanced visual product customization, dynamic CAD drawing updates, reduced error rates, improved customer satisfaction, and higher conversion rates. These benefits arise from its ability to provide real-time, accurate visual feedback and interactive experiences for users configuring complex products.

3. How long does it typically take to integrate DynaMaker with Tacton CPQ? Integration duration varies based on complexity and customization levels. Simple integrations can take a few weeks, while more complex setups might extend to several months. Initial assessments will provide more precise timelines.

4. Can DynaMaker integrate with other business systems besides Tacton CPQ? Yes, DynaMaker can integrate with various other business systems, including ERP and CRM solutions, to ensure seamless data flow and maintain consistency across sales and manufacturing platforms.

5. What are the typical challenges in CPQ systems that DynaMaker addresses? DynaMaker addresses challenges such as managing complex product configurations, reducing errors in configuration, and accelerating the sales process. Its dynamic 3D visualization capabilities make it easier for customers and sales reps to understand and interact with product options effectively.

6. How does DynaMaker handle problems that arise during integration or use? DynaMaker provides dedicated consultants for each project, ensuring continuity and direct communication channels for quickly addressing and resolving issues. It's our experience that this approach facilitates efficient problem-solving and system adjustments as needed.

7. Can you describe the process for product enhancements with DynaMaker? DynaMaker is committed to continuous improvement, responding rapidly to new customer requirements. Enhancements are typically planned in collaboration with the client, quickly implemented to ensure the CPQ system remains current and fully functional.

8. What type of support does DynaMaker offer during and after the integration process? DynaMaker offers extensive support including detailed documentation, training materials, and direct support channels. This comprehensive support structure helps both technical and non-technical users to effectively utilize the system.

9. Are there additional resources or support available for new users who are not familiar with CPQ systems? New users have access to a variety of resources, including online tutorials, user manuals, interactive webinars, and personalized training sessions, which can be tailored to specific needs and conducted online or onsite.

10. What are the ongoing costs associated with using DynaMaker in a Tacton CPQ project? For the Swift project, the PRO version of DynaMaker was used. Pricing for the PRO version can be found on DynaMaker's pricing page at DynaMaker Pricing. Costs typically include subscription fees, ongoing support, and potential charges for additional customizations or enhancements.

11. How does DynaMaker ensure data security during the CPQ process? DynaMaker employs robust data protection measures, including encrypted data transmissions and secure data storage practices. Compliance with relevant data protection regulations and alignment with clients' internal security protocols are top priorities.

12. How is DynaMaker’s dynamic CAD drawing functionality beneficial in CPQ projects? DynaMaker’s dynamic CAD functionality automatically updates drawings as product configurations evolve, eliminating the need for manual revisions. This ensures that visualizations are always accurate and reflect current configurations, enhancing trust and reducing errors in the quoting process.

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