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What is CPQ?



CPQ is an acronym for Configure, Price, Quote. CPQ is used to describe the process of select components (configure), handle pricing (price) and generate documentation (quote). CPQ software is primarily used for complex products, services or a combination of the two.

CPQ solutions
  • supports a simple way to select valid product combinations with respect to product rules and limitations
  • price the product correctly according to bundling and discounts
  • creates an accurate and persuasive quote based on this information

CPQ software connects front and back end systems and automates the lead-to-cash process.

What is a CPQ process?

What’s included in a CPQ process? Is it all automated and in what way is it adoptable and flexible?

Configure: All complex products have limitations to how modules or sub-components can be combined. The user normally specifies key features and main products, a configurator handles all limitations and itty-bitty details.

Price: Manufacturing costs, geographies, competitive situation, and local protocols - the pricing can be just as complex as the product itself. The price adjustments should both be automatic but also offer flexibility and advice for sales tactics.

Quote: Documents describing a complex product includes texts, illustrations, data sheets, drawings. All specific for each offer generated. The level of details should be flexible and document generation should be fully automated.


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  2. I am a veteran providing patented software and market cost-effective software solutions to companies that conduct internet ecommerce info at and eMarket Places generate price comparisons specifically for companies that sell or buy products or services using configure price quote (CPQ) components.

    The eMarketplace/eCommerce engine allows CPQ industries that offer services or products with multiple options to receive instant price quotes. The wizard enables companies to define the words used in the questions, rules on allowed answers to display in a pre-defined form.
    Present marketplace with CPQ components ask prospects to describe projects in words that are not sufficient to generate a quote.

    Currently there isn't a full feature marketplace that matches buyers to sellers offering configurable products and/or services with sufficient questions to generate quotes for unlimited industries with multiple instant quotes.