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CPQ and master data management

Do you know how important it is to have accurate, up-to-date data about your products and services? Well, probably you do and then you also know that this is where CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and master data management come in.

CPQ is a powerful tool that helps businesses streamline their sales processes and improve the customer experience. With a CPQ system, you can easily configure and quote complex products or services, reducing the potential for errors and saving time.

But a CPQ system is only as good as the data it's based on. This is where master data management comes in. Master data management is the process of collecting, organizing, and maintaining accurate and consistent data about your products, services, and customers. This data is typically stored in systems like PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and can be accessed and used by other systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to inform sales and marketing strategies.

For example, let's say you use a PLM system like PTC Windchill to manage the design and development of your products. This system would contain detailed information about each product, including its specifications, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Next, let's say you use an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics to manage your inventory, production, and logistics. This system would contain data about your current inventory levels, production schedules, and delivery dates.

Finally, let's say you use a CRM system like Hubspot to manage your customer relationships and sales processes. This system would contain data about your customers, including their preferences, purchase history, and contact information.

Now, let's say a customer contacts you and wants to order a custom product. Using a CPQ system, you can easily access and combine data from your PLM, ERP, and CRM systems to quickly configure and quote the product for the customer. This ensures that the customer gets an accurate and timely quote, and that your sales reps can focus on other aspects of the sales process.

In short, CPQ and master data management are crucial tools for manufacturers and industrial companies. They help you streamline your sales processes, improve the customer experience, and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data. To learn more about how these systems can benefit your business, contact a today and we will tell you more.

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