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Quote configurator

Are you tired of struggling with manual and disconnected systems for creating quotes for your complex manufacturing products? 77% of B2B buyers report that their latest purchase was very complex or difficult. It's time to streamline your sales process with a quote configurator.

The Pain of Complex Manufacturing Sales

Tailoring products for each customer can drive complexity, cost, and risk in all internal processes. Manual engineer-to-order and disconnected enterprise systems generate slow turnarounds, order errors, and claims, degrading deal margins. The result is a sales process that is both costly and frustrating for both the sales team and the customer.

The solution is a quote configurator, a tool that automates, digitilizes and simplifies manufacturing sales. With a quote configurator, you can create quotes quickly and efficiently, gain trust through visual product experiences, accelerate the purchase decision of your customers, reduce errors and risk, and gain more efficiency in the quotation process.

The Power of Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a solution that addresses the challenges of complex manufacturing sales. It includes a range of capabilities such as configuration, pricing, quote and document generation, administration, visualization, CAD Automation, Omnichannel Sales, analytics, and integrations. Tacton CPQ empowers B2B manufacturers to achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction by providing them with the tools to sell smart, fast, and flawless.

With Tacton CPQ, you can create quotes quickly and efficiently with a quote configurator, increase win-rates with engaging 3D and AR product visualizations, and reduce costs for quote errors, order errors, and claims. Additionally, it can accelerate the buying decision of your customers, deliver fast and flawless customer experience, and manage complexity and compliance.

Expert Consultants in Tacton CPQ is an expert consulting company that has been delivering Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions for over two decades. The company, founded by Patrik Skjelfoss and Magnus Fasth, is mainly focused on European manufacturers, but serves the global market as advisors in areas such as heavy vehicles, med-tech, energy, and power distribution. Their goal is to get you live with your solution within 5 months.

Book a meeting with today to learn how they can help you reinvent B2B sales, improve your customers' success while maintaining profitability. Their fast and pragmatic approach, combined with their experience in running CPQ analysis workshops since 2001, make them the perfect partner to guide you through a successful CPQ implementation.

Take Action Now!

Don't miss out on the numerous benefits that Tacton CPQ can offer your business. Contact today and schedule a meeting to learn more about how they can help you automate, digitize, and simplify your manufacturing sales process. Their expertise in CPQ and commitment to customer value make them the ideal partner to guide you through a successful implementation.

Don't wait any longer to improve your sales performance and customer experience. Book a demo with now and take the first step towards operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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