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Configurable sales platform

Dealing with the headaches of managing configurable products?

The constant back and forth between sales and engineering teams, the never-ending stream of errors and inconsistencies, and the frustration of trying to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your customers.

It's time to take control and optimize your configurable sales platform with the power of CPQ.

The Agony of Manual Configuration

Managing configurable products can be a nightmare for manufacturers. Without the right tools and processes in place, it's all too easy for errors to creep in, for inconsistencies to arise, and for sales teams to struggle to keep up with the needs of their customers.

It's a constant battle to maintain efficiency, predictability, and conformity in your configurable sales platform. But it doesn't have to be this way.

With the right Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution in place, you can streamline your configurable sales platform and take control of your product offerings. With automated processes, real-time visualization, and guided selling, you can empower your sales teams to deliver fast, flawless experiences to your customers.

The Solution: CPQ

CPQ solutions can deliver considerable improvements to your business. Implementing CPQ involves the whole company, and to unleash the benefits of CPQ you need more than just a great software. is an expert consulting company that specializes in delivering Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions to manufacturers. With over two decades of experience, we understand the challenges of managing configurable products and know how to prioritize to quickly get started. We will guide you where to start, what to prioritize and what to leave for another day.

The company is founded by Patrik Skjelfoss and Magnus Fasth, both now working as principal consultants at and mainly focused on European manufacturers, but serve the global market as advisors in areas such as heavy vehicles, med-tech, energy, and power distribution. With our fast and pragmatic approach, can help you go live with your CPQ solution within 5 months.

Why Trust is working with the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPQ Application Suites. Our customers report increased efficiency, sales volume, and profit with their CPQ solution. We have the Tacton state-of-the-art configurator that can transform complex configuration problems into accurate quotes in a matter of minutes. We also provide seamless integrations that are platform agnostic and designed to fit into your current digital landscape.

Don't wait any longer. Book a meeting with and see how they can help you optimize your configurable sales platform and take your business to the next level.

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Our team of expert consultants can provide the guidance and support you need to implement a powerful and effective CPQ solution that will help you increase efficiency, predictability, and conformity in your configurable sales platform. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level with

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