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Sales Myths

Let's bust some myths and set the record straight.

Salespeople are born, not made.

Fact: While some people may have a natural inclination towards sales, it's a skill that can be learned and developed through training and practice.

Sales is all about persuasion.

Fact: Sales is about building relationships and understanding the customer's needs, not just convincing them to buy something.

Sales is only about making a quick deal.

Fact: A successful salesperson focuses on building long-term relationships and creating repeat business, rather than just closing a one-time sale.

The lower the price, the better the sales.

Fact: The value of a product or service is more important than its price. A higher-priced product or service can be more desirable to a customer if it offers more value.

Sales is a numbers game.

Fact: Quantity of calls, leads, or presentations doesn't guarantee success. Quality of interaction and understanding the customer's needs do.

Salespeople are pushy and aggressive.

Fact: A good salesperson knows how to listen and ask the right questions to understand the customer's needs, and uses that information to offer solutions that are in the customer's best interest.

Sales is easy.

Fact: Sales is a challenging profession that requires hard work, persistence, and dedication.

Sales is only for extroverted people.

Fact: Sales is open for all types of personalities. An introverted sales professional can be just as successful as an extroverted one, it depends on the sales strategy that best suits the individual and the company.

Technology has made salespeople obsolete.

Fact: Technology has changed the way we sell, but it has also made salespeople more efficient and effective by providing access to valuable customer data and insights.


In conclusion, there are many myths surrounding the sales profession that can lead to misconceptions about what it takes to be successful in the field. It's important to remember that sales is a skill that can be learned and developed, it's about building relationships and understanding customer needs, and it's not just about making a quick deal.

Of course a CPQ system can support your sales by providing access to valuable customer data and insights, helping you to streamline the quotation and proposal process, and automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on building long-term relationships and creating repeat business.

More importantly a CPQ system equipped with guided selling capabilities can also help to dispel the myth that sales is only about persuasion. Guided selling is a process of guiding the customer through a series of questions and recommendations to determine their specific needs and preferences, and then presenting them with personalized product or service options that best align with those needs. This approach shifts the focus from persuasion to understanding and meeting the customer's needs, which is essential for building long-term relationships and creating repeat business.

By using a CPQ system with guided selling, sales professionals can more easily identify and address the unique needs of each customer, resulting in more successful and satisfying sales interactions.


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