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The Unexpected Journey of a CPQ Bell

order bellAt, we've always been at the forefront of merging tradition with technology, especially in the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) domain. Our latest venture? Reinventing the classic 'order bell' for a digital era. As we journey through this narrative, we'll explore how our innovative spirit led us down an unexpected path - from triumph to tribulation and back to triumph!

Our story starts with a novel idea: transforming the nostalgic ring of an 'order bell' into a 21st-century digital phenomenon. Envision a bell that doesn’t just signify a sale, but celebrates every CPQ victory. Our team, with decades of experience in delivering CPQ solutions, embarked on this project with zeal, aiming to add a spark of excitement to the sales process.

But innovation often comes with unforeseen challenges. The bell, designed to ring with each CPQ order, worked a bit too well, disrupting not just the quiet of our offices but also the peace of our homes - especially during the late hours. This led to a blend of professional success and personal... let's say, learning opportunities.

Realizing the impact, we pivoted towards our next innovation: a 'volume control' feature. True to our mission at, which includes offering mobile CPQ solutions and comprehensive CPQ implementations, we saw this as an opportunity to enhance user experience and adaptability.

This scenario underscores a vital lesson in the CPQ sphere - technology must not only be innovative but also harmonious with the user's environment. It's not just about the bells and whistles; it's about how they resonate in real-world scenarios. Our commitment lies in providing solutions that accelerate sales and decrease errors, but also in ensuring these solutions integrate smoothly into the daily lives of users.

Our high-tech CPQ bell journey reflects the core of what we do at - innovate, implement, and iterate. From a digital high-five to a lesson in balance and user-centric design, our path has been as enlightening as it has been exciting.

Follow us for more tales and insights from the world of CPQ, where every chime tells a story of innovation, adaptation, and continuous improvement.

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