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Why you should stop selling your product

What does it mean to you to make the product more circular?

Making a product circular is not about recycling. Of course, we should recycle materials as well, but if that’s all you do then you’re missing the point.

What we want to do is to see how much there is to be gained from not selling the product itself, but instead offering it as a service. Building a kick-ass products that last forever and are easily upgradeable by replacing individual components. That way you can make money over many years instead of just at a single sale.

From a CPQ perspective this is somewhat a challenge. Configuring for the current offering is what we’re used to – now we need to keep track of how the product evolves and the roadmap for every installed product during the years.

If you think the present is messy, just wait until you start looking at the past. There is no better time than now to get this in order, a few year from now the possibility to upgrade will be taken for granted. If you can’t keep up, you’ll be missing out on future business opportunities.

We see companies that are already now ahead of the circular hype curve. For years they’ve been keeping track of sold products and now they are ready to support any upgrade any installed product.

This is not only sustainable, but also a new era for all manufactured goods. Now is the time to make the shift!

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