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Are your customers ready to configure?

Is it a trend when things were force upon you you?

During the last two years sales were forced to be digital and it all happened very fast. Physical meetings were replace by Zoom and Teams, trade fairs was replaced by online events and finally the ink on the paper was replaced by a digital signature.

For companies with configurable products this was a big leap. They currently have working CPQ tools for their sales reps and partners, but to move this online introduces some real challenges.

The first challenge is the cost. Many CPQ vendors price their solutions per user and this makes it expensive to open it up to a mass market.

The second challenge is the complexity of the product. The user must answer many questions in order to get to a valid Bill of material and a realistic price. A configurator will always prevent you from getting it wrong, but does it help you to get it right?

The third challenge is the implementation. An online configurator usually requires an IT-project and a lot of development.

Now there's a new way

With Tacton CPQ two of the challenges above are addressed with standard functionality. The license for online usage is based on a low cost per session and the constraint technology of Tacton makes it very easy to add customer facing questions with a guided approach.

The third challenge is address by our mobile interface. We're now in the pilot phase with the first customer and the SaaS-offering will be publicly available in November 2022. If you want to join as our third pilot customer we can have you up and running before christmas. 

Read more about our Mobile CPQ using this link. Book a meeting and we'll get you ready within a week. That's a promise. 



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