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Sales configurator

Sales configurators are online tools that allow customers to build and customize their own products according to their specific needs and preferences.

These configurators offer interactive 3D visualizations, intelligent guided selling, and seamless integration with other systems to streamline the sales process and enhance customer understanding. With a sales configurator, manufacturers can reduce costs, optimize processes, and eliminate errors by offering configurable products and meeting the growing demand for custom solutions.

Tacton Sales Configurator

Tacton CPQ is a software that enables manufacturers to build and manage their own custom configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution. With Tacton CPQ, companies can design a user interface, build rules and logic, and configure products on any device, anywhere.

The sales configurator also features guided selling to help customers and sales teams select the ideal solution, as well as interactive 3D visualizations and seamless integration with other systems.

Tacton CPQ Sales Configurator for all Channels

Tacton CPQ offers a single integrated configuration platform that can be used across all sales channels. With Tacton CPQ solution, manufacturers can harmonize their sales channels, maintain brand identity, and ensure error-free data.

The configurator also offers accelerated guided selling and the ability to optimize the solution based on the customer's purchasing drivers.

Tacton CPQ Configurator

Tacton's product configuration solution allows manufacturers to define a company-wide product definition and generate millions of valid and profitable product variants with an easy-to-use interface.

The solution enables needs-based configuration, translating customer needs into technical solutions and creating accurate sales bills of material. The configurator also includes optimization capabilities, design options for the user interface, and product validation. - Expert Consultants in Tacton CPQ is an expert consulting company that has been delivering CPQ solutions for over two decades. With a focus on North European manufacturers, uses a fast and pragmatic approach to get customers live with their solution within 5 months.

The company offers introduction meetings and analysis workshops to prioritize and get the project started. also provides a fixed price after the analysis workshop and promises to go live within five months.

The Benefits of Working with

There are many benefits to working with, the expert consultants in Tacton CPQ.

The company's process is designed to be fast and efficient, with a focus on prioritization to ensure a successful implementation. also helps customers define product scope, pricing information, and quotation text to get the project started.

In addition, the company runs its projects twice a year and promises to have something up and running in a SaaS CPQ environment within 5 months.

Book a Meeting with

If you're interested in improving efficiency, predictability, and conformity with a CPQ solution, it's a good idea to book a first meeting.

Our expert consultants at have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and get you live with your solution within a short timeframe. Contact today to schedule your introduction meeting and start on the path to a successful CPQ implementation.

We're here to help and we'll get you live with CPQ in months, not years. Reach out by leaving a comment or book a meeting using the link below.



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