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Does Mobile CPQ Mean the End for Traditional Sales Reps?

"Is the human touch in B2B sales on the brink of extinction?"DALL·E 2023-08-21 14.39.54 - Good looking female sales representative giving a document to a client that signs the document with a pen in a conference room,  one line drawing 

Mobile CPQ, with its brilliant self-quoting features, has many proclaiming it as the next big game-changer. But does this mean we're ushering in an era where traditional sales reps are redundant? Let's dive deep and find out.

Mobile CPQ: The Rising Star

There's no denying it: Mobile CPQ is transforming the B2B landscape. By providing instantaneous quotes and leveraging the power of guided selling, it's elevating the buyer experience to unprecedented heights. But it's not here to replace—it's here to augment.

The Unwavering Role of Sales Reps

While technology can simplify, guide, and even automate, it cannot emulate the genuine human connection. High-stakes B2B transactions often require personalized touch, relationship-building, and nuanced negotiations. Here, the sales rep remains irreplaceable.

Synergy Over Supremacy

The real beauty lies in synergy. Mobile CPQ and traditional sales techniques are not rivals; they're allies. Imagine a world where initial explorations are tech-driven, ensuring efficiency, and the closing stages are human-led, ensuring authenticity. It's not just efficient; it's harmonious.

From Reps to Experts

The introduction of Mobile CPQ doesn't diminish the role of sales reps; it evolves it. With self-quoting handling the initial stages, reps can now focus on becoming product experts, consultants, and genuine problem solvers. It's a shift from sales to solutions.


The narrative isn't about Mobile CPQ vs. Sales Reps; it's about how they can cohesively redefine the B2B buying experience. While Mobile CPQ is a formidable force, the human element in sales remains just as potent. Together, they're set to create a B2B ecosystem that's both efficient and empathetic.




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