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Never separate sales and delivery

Today we were presenting on the Configuration Symposium in Vienna. It also turned out to be a competitors meet-up. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard anything about Merlin, SAP and Configit coming from someone that actually works there.

We were holding down the fort for Tacton CPQ and presented on the topic of reconfiguring already installed product. This is not very common in CPQ world, but we have a customer in Germany (guess who?) that have been doing this for many years.

We talked about the challenges and possibilities, but staying true to whatever we have already delivered. We only talked about projects that are live since many years.

Everybody else was talking about how the configurator/CPQ should be the centerpiece, the universal truth to all things about the configurable product. Everything from supply chain, to product development and then of course to sales and marketing. If these things are ever separated there will be no light, there will always be sorrow and there will for sure be a dysfunctional future.

But Magnus, what sets apart from these other vendors?

Well, there are many similarities and we sort of solve the same problem. But I think we have a completely different focus.

Master data is super important! But we think the differentiator is how we run the projects. For it’s important to never separate vision and execution and we would never separate our own sales from our project delivery. It’s the same persons that sells you the CPQ-system that will be there when you push the button to go live five months later.

That’s the difference!


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