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Top 5 things in Tacton CPQ during the last year

Today we had a webinar on major and minor improvements in Tacton CPQ that we - subjectively - at really like. We invited all our customers and started of by introducing topics that almost made it to our shortlist. These were:

  • Costing engine - this is something we put to the test in an ongoing project
  • Product validation - seems cool, but we've no real-world expertise here to be honest.
  • Re-configuration via API - this is something we use in several projects quite diverse use-cases
  • Trigger child transitions - really handy when automating things during transitions in ongoing projects

On the shortlist - things that were actually presented - were the following:

  • Configuration: Status Messages – presented by Ida
  • Configuration: Field Table – presented by Magnus
  • Admin: Revert commits – presented by Patrik
  • Pricing: New Pricing Panel – presented by Cecilia
  • CPQ: 3 new functions you should have on – presented by Patrik

These topics are self-explanatory (if you've been following the release-notes), but we are well aware that others don't give those notes the same attention as we do. The last bullet on the agenda will be explained in a future blog post.

Normally we don't record these webinars due to the topics discussed, but for this webinar we made an exception. If you want to know more, please reach out - send us a message or simply book a meeting with

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