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The EU Green Deal: A Solution for Sustainable Manufacturing

Many companies are still focused on selling new units rather than repairing and reusing older ones, resulting in a lot of waste and environmental harm. The current model of manufacturing is unsustainable, with a constant need for new products and a disregard for repairing and reusing older ones.

The linear model of "take, make, use, and dispose" is causing a significant strain on our planet's resources and contributing to environmental harm. Companies that continue to operate under this

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 model will not only be causing harm to the environment but also missing out on the economic benefits of circular business models.

EU Green Deal

The EU Green Deal aims to change this by promoting Circular Business Models, which focus on repairing and reusing existing products rather than constantly producing new ones. This new approach will not only decrease overall demand for energy and resources but also decouple growth from primary resource use. Companies that don't adapt to this new approach will be left behind as the market shifts towards more sustainable options.

Circular business models are not just good for the environment but also good for business. It provides companies with new revenue streams and cost savings. Companies that embrace circular business models will be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. But to make the shift, companies need to have the right tools and support. It's not just about changing the way products are made, but also the way they are sold and maintained.

The EU Green Deal provides a solution for sustainable manufacturing through Circular Business Models, which include product-as-a-service models, peer-to-peer sharing, reverse logistics, on-demand manufacturing, reuse and repair services, and more.

How it's done

We already know that companies that want to make the shift can use a CPQ (configure, price, quote) system to easily configure and quote repair and reuse services, as well as providing pricing options for different levels of service. Additionally, a CPQ system can support the creation and management of product-as-a-service models, where customers pay for the use of a product rather than owning it outright.

Here at, we have worked with some pioneers in the field of upgrading existing products in the med-tech business, and we can support with methodology. We understand the importance of sustainability in the industry and have the expertise to help companies make the transition to circular business models.

Overall, the EU Green Deal is a solution for sustainable manufacturing, and companies that adapt to this new approach will be able to thrive in the future. With the right tools and support, it's possible to create a more efficient and sustainable industry for all.

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