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Why smaller companies run efficient CPQ projects

With a SaaS solution companies of all sizes have the possibility to leverage the functionality of best of breed systems like Tacton CPQ. I have the privilege to work with both small, medium and really, really large companies and in this article I’ll share why smaller companies achieve so much more in the same amount of time.

Decision directly or by committee

When we work with smaller companies it’s normally the same person with the responsibility for decision and execution. This means that we can ask a question and get a direct answer.

In a large organization it’s much more common with big meetings were everyone protects their territory. No one with enough authority is present and decisions takes forever.

So, lesson number one; try to organize the project with minimum staffing and maximum competence. This is the way of the efficient company, small or large.

Presence in meetings

We run ALL our meetings digital. With the small companies only the right people will be present. Everyone turns the camera on, everyone is present in the discussion, everyone shares their screens and their opinions.

In the large organization the camera is off, there are always many bystanders and many of the attendants are obviously focusing on other tasks.

So, lesson number two; make sure your online meeting is as vivid as any other workshop. Adjust the time so that everyone in the meeting is present, and with camera on. Take regular breaks to ensure everyone can stay alert. Don’t run meeting marathon, shorter sprints are more effective.

Be in a good place

If you really want to ruin an online meeting do a corona seating in a big conference room with technology no one understands. Then connect it with another conference room with the exact same settings.

This will inevitably fail.

People will only hear what people in their room will say, to participate digitally will almost be impossible.

In a small company meetings is not the core of the business. It’s more about getting things done. That’s why everyone stays closer to their computer and the meeting-room-meetups are rare. In these settings everyone will be able to follow what’s presented, everyone will hear one another , anyone can participate digitally. This is also why we don’t need to travel to get things moving with small companies.

So lesson number three; stay close to your computer, ensure good audio and a good screens. This is the key to work together in an online world. Skip the “hybrid” meetings because it’s just going to be painful.


I have no numbers, no formal surveys, no proof other than what we see project results.

Within less than a year we were live with a large CPQ installation at HMF (link) following the “small company principles” listed above.

Within less than four month we were live with an advanced elevator configurator connected to online CAD as Swift LIfts (link) following the “small company principles” listed above.

‘nuff said!






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